Numerous changemakers have derived value and experienced success with the® program.  Check out what they’re saying!

Click on the logo (below) and it'll take you to the testimonial from that organisation.

Numerous changemakers have derived value and experienced success with the® program.  Check out what they’re saying!

Click on the logo (below) and it'll take you to the testimonial from that organisation.

“I didn’t know much about corporate partnerships at the start of my career, and thankfully I found the process that’s now the® program. It was one of the best professional development courses I’ve ever done.  Over the past decade I’ve used it in over 4 diverse organisations – start up, established and a university – and found it to be so versatile & appropriate in all environments”

Sophie Davidson, Development Director, WWF-Australia (2020)
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“I highly recommend the® training program and especially consulting with Hailey. She creates a personal, unique approach to corporate partnerships. Her style is refreshingly honest, and her years of experience shine through in the quality of her conversations and her work. She has a purposeful approach. Her insights challenge and stretch your goals. She is a treasure of the industry“

Julia Tauber, former Chief Development Officer, The Heart Foundation
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 “Informative, reassuring, inspiring. The® program enabled us to clearly identify what we wanted to achieve in forming partnerships, helped us build faith in what we have to offer partners, and gave us the pathways and tools we needed to find the right partners for our organisation”

Darcy Pimblett, Program Development & Partnerships Manager, Cities Power Partnership (Climate Council)
Greening Australia
Greening Australia

In 2006 we were fairly amateur in the way we engaged with corporates; we gave away the use of our brand far too easily, had no idea what we had to offer to corporates and just thought that our cause alone was worthy enough to win them over! Having completed the process, we genuinely knew why we were seeking new corporate partners, what we could offer, and importantly we were much more professional and responsible as a charity partner.  This process became an educational tool for our fundraising and marketing staff, Executive, Board and even our State colleagues – it really contributed at the time to a complete organisational transformation. In addition to five new significant partnerships, we secured a sponsorship and won several awards for our corporate engagement work. If you’re looking for a long-term strategic approach to secure corporate partners now and into the future, this is it!"

Shannon Anderson, former GM Fundraising & Marketing, Lifeline Australia (author of acclaimed fundraising book Yes! You can Fund it) 2017


“The process enabled my team to secure corporate partnerships worth $7m. We tried other strategies in the past, but this process gave us substantial clarity and direction, both internally & externally. The process is rigorous, robust and helped upskill my team prior to their approach, rather than learning by mistakes. I’d have no hesitation in recommending the process to my peers”

Dawn O’Neill, former CEO, Lifeline Australia
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“Corporate partners have transformed our organisation.  We’ve doubled our turnover with untied cash.  We signed up Woolworths & PetStock.  We’re far better known and we’ve been able to do more of what we do best – rehome animals”

John Bishop, Founder & Joint CEO, PetRescue (2019)
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“I really can’t believe how much more confident we are, I didn’t expect this so it’s a real bonus, I thought it would just be about theory! This confidence has alleviated all my fears of approaching corporates. Before we even graduated we used the process to secure Wendy’s! The process really helps you to ‘stay tough’ with the corporate prior to and during the negotiation”

Vanessa Byrne, CanTeen (2011)
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“Doing the process is critical – it’s given us confidence and a clear model so we know exactly what we are looking for. Having worked for an award-winning corporate partnerships charity I thought I knew it all…….I didn’t, and I have learned so much”

Terry Thomas, Stroke Foundation (2013)

“This was a great process, I learnt so much about prospecting, securing & managing corporate partnerships.  Also, to not sell yourself cheap or give away assets, and the big difference between partnerships & sponsorship. Hailey is fantastic – very knowledgeable and supportive. In terms of best practice corporate partnerships, we’ve gone from a 3/10 to an 8/10” 2013”

Samantha (Ramsden) Gallagher, National Stroke Foundation (2017)

“We completely changed the way we view corporates. I learned not to be afraid to approach corporates - we’re doing fantastic work and we bring enormous benefit to a partner, there’s no more going cap in hand. The standout Module was doing an Assets Inventory. I’d never thought about putting a value on anything we do, that was a real eye opener for me.  The® program and all that it provides was a compelling opportunity, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to complete - and graduate from -  this program”

Amanda Thornton, (Former) National Partnerships Manager, Stroke Foundation
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“The journey was insightful, educational & eye opening both professionally & personally. In terms of operating corporate partnerships at a best practice level, we went from 3/10 to 8/10.  In the 10 years since doing the program, I’ve used this process to secure 6-figure partnerships at Ronald McDonald House and Life Education”

Lillian Adnan, former fundraising Manager, Guide Dogs NSW ( 2010)
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“Thanks to the $2.6m in untied funding we received from 5 corporate partners (Snooze, Kay & Burton, SPC, Johnson & Johnson and Vaalia), we were able to recruit new staff and fund  research studies that were not considered ‘sexy’ to donors.  The increased retail exposure provided by our partners increased our brand awareness and lifted all fundraising results”

“The process is amazing – a rare combination of sophistication and simplicity, process combined with creativity, ensuring that we don’t undersell our name, goodwill or assets but also ensuring that we deliver tangible value to our corporate partners”

Narelle Curtis, former head of fundraising, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (2010)
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“I’ve noticed a change in attitude & language internally and our current parnters are paying attention – they want to do business. Without this process I’d be pitching at any old business and probably failing miserably. This has opened up a new world for me, thank you”

Jo Booth, former Corporate Partnerships Executive,  CCIA (2011)
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“Detailed yet understandable, backed with deep, researched knowledge.  I thought I knew how to do this, but realised all I knew was the philanthropic model. It’s taken us from 4/10 to 8/10 in terms of operating at best practice”

Graham McKern, former Territorial Director, The Salvos (2011)
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“I honestly believe this process has given our organisation a light – we now have structure and a plan. I feel very empowered, knowing precisely what we have to offer.  I also have the confidence to say No if there is no synergy or dollars”

Chris (DiPetta) Brooks, former National Red Nose Day manager (2009)
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“The most valuable thing – I now think like a corporate. We’ve gone from a 3/10 to an 8/10 in terms of operating at best practice level”

Joshua Donchi, former National Events Manager, Kidney Health Australia (2009)
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“Professional, enthusiastic and enjoyable.  Everything you need to learn how to secure corporate partnerships. The Assets valuation was the most useful piece for me”

Kerry Butcher, former Corporate Partnerships Manager, Kids Under Cover (2017)
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“Immediately after graduating I presented to Deloitte to increase their partnership from one state (Victoria) to national (7 states & Territories) and I was successful.  The additional $210,000 enabled us to train up more guide dogs across Australia.  We’ve gone from 2/10 to 9/10 in terms of operating at best practice level.  This program is worth every dollar”

“I look at corporate partnerships in a whole different way since doing this process.  There are too many benefits to list them all however the biggest thing Ive learned is to value our brand and to know the potential of what we have to offer a company”

Linda Inglis, former Development Officer, Guide Dogs Vic (2009)
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“It was an easy decision to invest in this process, as there is simply nothing like it elsewhere and I didn’t have time to make mistakes. It’s professional, strategic, structured in a way that is really clear and most importantly, it’s successful – it helped us to grow our existing partnerships including SpecSavers but we also secured two new corporate partners that funded vital sight-restoring programs and gave us unprecedented TV exposure”

Penny Tribe, former head of Partnerships, Fred Hollows Foundation (2017)
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“I had a good idea of how to sell to corporates, but the process gave me the increased confidence, tools and forced me to take time to do the research.  Its very logical with great templates and examples.  Coaching was relaxed, insightful and it was great to go through it with other organisations. I always felt well cared for and I’ve learned skills that Ill use for many years to come”

Cath Jules, former Corporate Fundraiser, Inspire/Reach Out (2008)
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“We had some strong sponsorships for Oxfam Trailwalker, but it was motivated by staff engagement. We’d never nailed a pure consumer marketing-based partnership. Having been through this process and applying it in the real world, I can see why.  We now have a clear structure to our approach to corporates and a better understanding of what we have to offer. Great program, wonderful teacher, valuable structure for many years to come. The added bonus was that we signed up a partner in PowerShop straight out of the gate” 

Joe Manger, Former Corporate Partnerships Manager, Oxfam Australia (2014)
Oxfam Australia

“My background’s in Marketing & Business, so academically I know this space fairly well. I’ve also been chasing sponsors for over a decade and have in the past secured some. Going into this process I was unsure of what I would learn or get out of it. What I did get was profound, learning things I hadn’t learned in my academic studies. We signed up a significant partner in Nature’s Way for 2020, and we’re in discussion with two other major companies to come on board in 2021. It’s good value for money as I’ll keep using my learnings year after year”

Brendan Hopp, CEO, School Fun Run
School Fun Run

“I found Hailey’s process really insightful. It helped our organisation to focus, ensuring our whole organisation was involved along the way from CEO to Board Chair to the fundraising team. It also gave me a profound increase in confidence when pitching to corporates”

Len Russell, former Major gifts, Neuroscience Research Australia 2016

"Working with this process was very challenging but also very exciting. We had no plan for being partner ready and didn’t have a way of bringing our ideas together to acquire a corporate partner. The process helped us along step by step and enabled us to Be Partner Ready" 

Tara Murphy, Former Partnerships Executive, the Kids Cancer Project, 2018 
The Kid's Cancer Project

"As a small social enterprise, we have limited time and resources, so it was fantastic to have a step by step guide to winning corporate partners that really was the perfect recipe for success" 

Patricia Scheetz, Founder of The Sweetest Gift (2020)
The Sweetest Gift

“I had faith in the program because of Hailey’s track record. We knew that corporate partnerships could be a massive opportunity for us, but we had no idea how to go about it. Without this program we would have been very ill-prepared and I’m sure, faced a lot of knockbacks.  The program is fantastic, and it works, we had such an overwhelmingly positive response to our approach emails”

Marthe D’Ombrain, former Head of Development, W&EHI (2013)
Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

“Both the Starter and Action guides are a treasure trove of resources.  In terms of best practice corporate partnerships, we’ve gone from a 1/10 to a 5/10”

Kerrie McFadden, GM Business Development, Relationships Australia (2010)
Relationships Australia

“The power of this process is how it reveals itself step by step and allows time to work through each component properly,, culminating in a final output that is usable and makes sense.  We’ve gone from a 2/10 to an 8/10 in terms of operating at a best practice level”

Amanda Sanders, former Business Development Manager, The Benevolent Society ( 2014)
Benevolent Society

“The process has given us a clearer understanding of the value of our brand and the confidence to resist selling it short.  We’ve gone from operating at 2/10 to 8/10 in terms of best practice”

Brad Grey, Head of Campaigns, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation (2014)
Planet Ark

“My confidence & ability to approach corporate prospects has improved dramatically. I now know what would be appealing to them, how to compile a compelling email and what to include in a proposal once they ‘bite’. The brand valuation tool is great – it provided me with the hard-core evidence that I need to realign expectation with the Board.  Within a few short months of graduating we signed up Territory Generation, the leading electricity provider in the NT, which provided $750,000 to help save even more lives in this vast and remote part of Australia”

Roni Shorer, former Business Development Manager, CareFlight (2017)

This process brought clarity to an otherwise complex area of fundraising. We hadn’t had much success in corporate partnerships, and we wanted a clear roadmap.  Within a few short months I secured Territory Generation, the  leading electricity provider in the NT, which provided $750,000 to help us save more lives in a vast and remote part of Australia”

Janine Birch, former Relationship Development Manager, CareFlight NT

“A systematic and structured approach to securing corporate partners, rather than just stabbing in the dark.  Extremely high quality, very useful & appropriate.  Truly Excellent. Get your board & CEO involved and go for it”

Jessica McKenna, General Manager, Kidsafe WA (2017)
Kids Safe WA

“Within a month of graduating I secured two sponsors for our major awareness campaign ‘Lace Up against Social Violence’: $140k in cash, $500k of in-kind creative, digital, marketing channels & ad placement. This was the biggest & best campaign ever with unprecedented activation & reach through football clubs as well as reaching millions of Australians with our message. This was my first time pitching to corporates and I nailed it using this process”

Anna O’Halloran, former CEO, Step back Think (2017)
Step Back Think

“Exhilarating process, and it comes from someone who knows what they are talking about, and that knowledge is built into the program.  As you go through the steps you understand why you did the previous step.  It’s given us the skills and tools to work with corporates that we didn’t have before”

Sue Hendy, former Corporate Partnerships Manager, YMCA Victoria
YMCA Victoria

“Informative, Excellent, succinct, relevant. It stretches your thinking.  Loved the Assets valuation, and we’ve had doors open that we didn’t think would open so quickly.  I’d say go for it; you won’t regret it”

James Nevein, former Partnerships & Fundraising Manager Baptcare (2017)

”Greening Australia was just reactive –  as a lot of companies want to partner with an environmental organisation. The most valuable part of the process, is just having a process! It’s a well-presented program written by someone with deep knowledge & experience. It helped us to understand our brand value, differentiate ourselves from other environmental groups and clarify our different offerings including brand-aligned partnerships, campaigns, service-offerings and sponsorships. We’ve built the process into our existing partnerships to make them better (Virgin, Officeworks & Accor) and we identified companies that were not even on our radar, such as skincare brand Sukin, who we signed up in 2018. Realise that it is an investment in time and in dollars, but the rewards will be well worth it”

Jonathan Duddles, former Director of development (2017) Greening Australia


“I now have the tools, procedures and confidence to analyse potential partners & build a strong approach. I like how Hailey doesn’t beat around the bush, and her encouragement. So far I’ve been really surprised at how quickly corporates respond to an approach.  The quality of information is very high”

Sebastian Burgess, Director of Conservation, Greening Australia Tasmania (2017)
Greening Australia

“There’s such an enormous wealth of information in the® program, and we’re still gaining from it in our second year.  We were pretty archaic in our thinking about corporate engagement. To know the value of our brand in the marketplace -  something we learned in the program – was a gamechanger. I now have more confidence going into pitch.  Hailey and Georgia are generous with their knowledge and host with the perfect balance of professionalism and light-hearted fun!”

Georgie McGrillen, Partnerships & Relationships Manager at Refugee Council of Australia
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“For the last five years I’ve had a love affair with this process, and I’ve been able to take the knowledge with me to every organisation I’ve joined, whether that be in fundraising, as Chair or CEO of a charity – and use it with great results.  It’s insightful,  foolproof and has been tried & tested. My thinking is you can’t go past the™ process"

Len Russell, Fundraising Manager, Bipolar Australia (2020)
Greening Australia

“Do yourself a favour and check out the excellent corporate partnerships training®. I did the program a few years ago and it helped me nail – and win – a competitive pitch to Vodafone – who are still with us 6 years later.  In times like this, you want to do what has been tried & tested”

Jamie Moore, General Manager, Hello Sunday Morning
Greening Australia

“Hailey has built a methodology that works.  It takes you step-by-step through a process that is a journey and a learning curve. Each stage is logical and ordered, naturally progressing to the next. This program not only prepares your organisation to confidently approach corporates, it provides you with an understanding of how corporates think and what they’re seeking in a partnership. It’s not a quick process; it can’t be. So, bring an open mind, patience, commitment and throw in a bit of self-discipline and you will reap the benefits of a program where success speaks for itself”

Saira Champion,  Manager of Engagement and Development of Playgroup Queensland (2020)
Greening Australia

“Hailey’s program enabled me to value our brand and aspire to signing larger partnerships that are multi-level rather than just transactional.  It’s given me the courage and confidence to ask the right questions during the pitch & negotiation and respond to the needs of the corporate partner appropriately. Habitat for Humanity Australia has won new partners as a result of doing this program – partners that align perfectly with our brand and cause”

Zoe Nelson-Cary, Head of Partnerships, Habitat for Humanity Australia (2020)
Greening Australia

“Inspiring and thought-provoking – this program is a MUST DO if you’re serious about corporate partnerships”

Melinda Cruz, Founder, Miracle Babies Foundation (2020)
Greening Australia

In uncertain times, we realise the importance of long-term, values-based partnerships. At Reach, the reliability of multi-year support means that we can continue to support young people during difficult times, when we cannot rely on F2F events. Hailey’s program was a great tool that helped us look objectively at our Partnership process and make sure that we were adopting best-practice approaches to working with all of our Partners

Andrew Farina, former Manager Victorian Partnerships – The Reach Foundation
Greening Australia

"This process is hands down the best product on the market to equip you to establish sustainable corporate partnerships. It’s an elegant, strategic, digestible tried & tested methodology. It builds capability, requires organisations to think hard, and provides tangible tools to realise potential opportunities. Furthermore, it operates with a sense of abundance – a view that partnerships are not only possible but realistic. Hailey understands what is possible, has deep knowledge and skills in the field and has put it all into the program. I recommend it to any leader seeking success”

Kit McMahon, Former CEO, Girl Guides Australia (2018)
Greening Australia

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Georgia and Hailey and have learned so much in the process. They are both extremely professional and enthusiastic about the work they do. Going through this process has really encouraged me to think outside of a traditional partnership, always looking for that synergy. The support we have had with research documents has been a lifesaver and the Synergy charts are absolute gold. They are now my favourite part of pitching to a new corporate.  I feel very empowered knowing exactly what we have to offer our partners and my most esteemed learning is really recognizing the value of our brand and being confident enough to ask for more”

Cindy Packham, Corporate Relationships Manager, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation
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“This program delivered everything that was promised.  It has proven success, delivered by a leading industry expert, and is exceptional value for money.   The online format was user friendly, practical, manageable and achievable.  The tools, live chats #Freebie Friday’s bonus session were all helpful and motivating”

Erryn Stephens, Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager at The Orangutan Project
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“This unique program way exceeded my expectations. The volume of resources and the one-on-one care given is superb. It’s exceptional value for money. Hailey & Georgia are clear, straight shooters and motivating. I cannot recommend more – there is simply no equivalent. You are held in your learning by Hailey & Georgia, coming out the other end with a comprehensive package of collateral, skills and confidence to approach corporates for partnerships. Investing in this program is worth its weight in gold”

Amanda Rees, Kaihautū Te Taha Hinengaro, Te Pou Theatre Trust NZ
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“This program is exceptional value for money, when you consider the cost of some conferences & courses. It’s great to have the option to purchase 1:1 time if you need it, with Hailey & Georgia. Before the program, my skill level was around 4, now it’s a big confident 8! The resources in the Library, monthly calls, real world & best practice examples and unique tools were brilliant.  The end of year retreat was so valuable to get me pitch ready. As an organisation we now have what it takes to successfully partner with corporates, and I now have what it takes to make this happen! You won’t find a better program to get you ready to win corporate partners. It’s a fresh approach, full of practical tools. It’s intense – so be ready to put in the work!”

Mandy Carian, Partnerships and Philanthropy Manager , Save the Children NZ
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“This program has changed the way I view partnerships; it’s given me the tools to value our brand and offering and move forward. My skills and confidence have gone from a 3 to an 8. We have already re-signed  an existing corporate based on our brand valuation, and we’re now actively seeking high value partners. It was a fantastic journey that aligned partnerships with our overall business goals. I found it empowering, insightful and challenging”

Kristina Sutherland, Senior Marketing and Project Manager, Sports Dietitians Australia


“We’d been stuck in the sponsorship space and didn’t have the structure to take our activity to the next level of partnerships.  Now we have a solid framework.  The best thing is the support that Hailey & Georgia provide to correspondend with the online content we’ve worked through.  Getting a robust industry standard brand valuation was a game-changer -  we now have the confidence to go to market and ask for a substantiated amount.  The course is Invaluable, well structured and insightful. It does require time and investment but if you make that time you’ll reap the rewards”

Marie Walters, Executive Officer, Sports Dieticians Australia
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“This program exceeded my expectations. It contains practical tools that can be immediately applied to your charity. Valuing our brand was a game-changer and the prospecting process shows you that potential partners are everywhere! is resourceful, practical and inspiring. If you’re unsure about doing it – take the plunge! It will get you ready for true, win-win corporate partnerships”

Claire Reaney, CEO, Humpty Dumpty Foundation
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“This program is fantastic. It’s given our organisation a great framework for corporate partnerships – an area that’s been long neglected. The Assets Inventory and valuation has helped me change my organisations’ mindset from ‘donations please’ to partnership. It’s helped me to resuscitate a ‘dead’ partner and hold firm with another who wanted more for less. The program is structured, with manageable bite sized steps and laser focused. If you’re thinking about doing it, just go for it! It will supercharge your corporate partnerships strategy”

Amanda Whitty, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Interplast Australia & NZ
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The® program is by far one of the best programs your organisation can do if you want to pursue  Corporate Partnerships. I could talk your ear off about what is exceptional about the program, but what I loved most was the strategic insights and unparalleled amount of relevant tools and information provided to set you up for success.  Hailey and Georgia’s honest and organised delivery is so refreshing and keeps you on track! It’s plainly evident that their main objective is to see each organisation and the Corporate Partnerships sector thrive and create meaningful change and they give you everything you need to make that possible.

Thanks to we were able to value our brand and assets for the first time and establish all the tools, processes and information we needed for our Corporate Partnerships program. These have been invaluable in enabling confident conversations with state, national and international businesses enabling us to secure a new state based partner and national sponsor. I learnt so much in the process including through connecting with others working in this space as part of the program”

Anna Welch, Corporate Partnerships Associate, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
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“I started this course knowing nothing about corporate partnerships, and now I have the confidence to pitch and deliver on mutual benefit partnerships. It was exceptional value for money, a fantastic course and nothing else like it on the market. My skills have gone from a 1 to a 9/10. I secured 12 pitches and am in negotiation with a few. Overall the program was engaging, fun and informative. If you can, just do the program! It will give you a huge advantage in the challenging area of corporate partnerships”

Merrin Morrison, Marketing & Communications Manager, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials
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“The® program is exciting, clarifying and structured.  The outputs and structures are valuable but it’s the people that deliver the program that make it what it is – their expertise is unrivalled. 

The Aha! moment for me was valuing the Soundfair brand, and thinking about how we want to engage with corporates and more importantly, how we don’t want to engage. 

The program is a high return activity so be ready to invest time and energy to get results”

Caitlin, CEO, Soundfair
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“The® program has been a challenging but amazing experience. There’s no way I’d have the same momentum in developing new corporate partners if it wasn’t for this program and Hailey & Georgia’s guidance. I'm now in discussing with 3-4 corporate prospects, which wouldn't have happened without®. You’d be crazy not to work with these two guns”

Paul Deverell, Partnerships Manager, Frontier Services
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“This program way exceeded my expectations. Great content, easy to follow and action. It was exceptional value for money. The tools were excellent, especially the best practice examples and templates. Discovering the value of our brand was critical – we now don’t apologise for what we do and why a financial commitment is necessary.Communication from Hailey & Georgia was clear and straight, helpful and motivating. Overall, the program is enlightening and innovative.”

Sally Hopkins, Executive Director, Eden in Oz & NZ
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“I had high expectations of this program after hearing so many wonderful things over the years, and it certainly met them. The asset and brand valuation tools were invaluable and I'll integrate these tools into my fundraising career. It’s an amazing program with life-changing teachings. I got in front of at least 3 prospects – watch this space! The creative device was mind-blowing! Overall, it was revolutionary and exemplary”

Josh Bamford, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Settlement Services International
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“This program way exceeded my expectations, so many resources. I really liked the real world examples and felt totally supported throughout. We now talk to potential partners in a different way, about what we can do for each other and I’ve started to secure untied money – I’m ready to get the big $. It was informative, exciting and challenging with an interactive and friendly team”

Karen Tsoumbaras, Funding & Partnership Manager, Project Youth
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“This program helped me win 5 new Corporate Partners injecting $2.6m untied income & $1m for anti-bullying campaigning." 

Janet Grima, CEO, Bully Zero  
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“® was critical to our success in securing new brand-aligned partnerships – including the Bupa Foundation, secured in 2021. The robust process has enabled us to reposition our partnership offer, thanks to hands-on tools that we continue to utilise today”

Geraldine Rep, former Strategic Partnerships Director, Conservation Volunteers Australia
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“This program provides an incredible amount of education and resources, I feel so much more prepared and confident to approach prospects and stand firm. My skills have gone from a 1 to an 8/10. I now have a thorough understanding of how partnerships work and why I don’t want the gold, silver, bronze offering!   Already I’ve had positive meetings with 5 corporate prospects, with great feedback and negotiations are underway for a partnership. The program was absolutely necessary for us and inspiring

Emily Marriott, Partnership Specialist, Hobart City Mission
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“This was a great program that has set us up to create successful partnerships. It is value for money and will pay for itself in no time. It was pragmatic and user friendly, providing everything I needed.  The brand valuation tool has enabled me to not sell our brand short, and realise it should not be given away.  I’ve shifted from passively waiting for opportunity to come to us, to now confidently going out and securing a partnership, on OUR terms. The program is inspiring, motivating and practical”

Samantha Bennett, Fundraising, Little Miracles Trust NZ
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" is a powerhouse program, and the scholarship we received made it a no brainer - highly recommend!"

Daniel Bolotin, Co-Founder, Free to Feed 
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"My skill level has gone from a 4 to a 9 having done this course and I am now confident to approach corporates. The most valuable part was valuing our organisation and we now know we can create a partnership with a big brand. It was empowering, comprehensive, dynamic and value for money. Highly recommend"

Danie McNeil, General Manager, EdConnect Australia


"The program is a game-changer, so valuable and crucial for non-profits. When followed, it’s a great roadmap for successful corporate partnerships. The Templates, insights from Hailey and Georgia, real world examples and monthly catch ups were so worthwhile. The most valuable part was valuing our brand and learning the difference between sponsorship and partnership. We now seek brands that align rather than just anyone. We have one promising partnership in advanced stages of negotiation. I now think about how we could add value to a corporate rather than just what’s in it for us. If you’re seeking a real partnership with a corporate, you MUST do this program, it’s fantastic!"

Rhonda, Liason Officer, EdConnect Australia
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"The tools and resources were so credible, robust and extensive – far exceeded expectations. The work that’s gone into providing the breadth of tools and the support that’s provided is amazing and it’s totally changed the way I view partnerships. We’re in the process of re-signing an enduring partner, and we thought it was going to be really tough. In the past we’ve been the poster child for asking for too little investment in our partnership, and feeling the need to overservice. But with this incredible program, BaFF and credentials presentation behind us, it gave me the confidence to go in and confidently ask for what our brand is worth.  Doing this program has resulted in a complete paradigm shift for me. It’s been amazing and game changing, and I am now so much more confident, calm and considered in my approach"

Kelly Banks, General Manager / Pou Tatai Pakohi, Support Crew
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"The course delivered on what was promised. I love the resources you receive, my favourite being the credentials presentation template, and asset valuation tool. The latter, has been pivotal in categorising what we offer as a non-profit charity and demonstrating real market worth in terms that corporates understand. The communication from Hailey & Georgia was straight and motivating. We’ve already re-signed a partner with a higher contribution and I now approach corporates from a position of strength, knowing our offer is distinct, unique and highly valuable"

Sian Robertson, Partnerships & Fundraising Manager, Wellington Zoo Trust
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"® is informative, innovative, engaging and well thought out. It helped a great deal in assisting us to get started on our corporate partnership journey. The program provides access to amazing expertise in Georgia & Hailey and guest speakers, as well as detailed content, other students with incredible knowledge to share and excellent tools and templates. The program gave me the steps to work through in detail, have the right tools ready for approaching the right corporate at the right time. Hailey and Georgia were extremely knowledgeable and great to work with throughout the program. It's definitely worth investing in and I highly recommend the program"

Felicity Hibbins, Head of Partnerships & Revenue, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
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“This program is exceptional value for money, and it’s a formula that works. We received frank and fearless feedback from Hailey & Georgia.  The Assets and brand valuation tools & real world examples were most valuable as well as hearing from guest speakers and prior students who had succeeded. We now have confidence in the value we offer and the process to market it. We’re well-equipped to speak to prospective partners and have a stronger context to establish sponsor outcomes. The whole program was enlightening and empowering. If you’re ready, it’s a transformational process”

Jeff Weir OAM, Executive Director, Dolphin Research Institute 
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“Great practical tools that I can use every day. It was easy to find what I needed, the tools and templates were very helpful as were the real world example. The best thing was the program focused on whether an organisation is ready, what it has to offer and how risk averse it is. This helped me gain confidence in my own abilities as some of the challenges I experienced were organisational, and were things I couldn’t move alone. These things were vital to identify and we’re now working as a team to shift things. It has reaffirmed for me that partnering is not fundraising. It’s a two way transaction and we should not accept anything less than what we are worth. The program is uplifting, hard work, eye opening, thorough and so worth it - but you must be organisationally ready!”

Andrea Tennant​​​​, Corporate Partnerships Executive, Next Sense
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“I learned a lot and the investment was well worth it. I liked the design of the Modules, simple and clear cut but also visually friendly so I could absorb a lot of information without being overwhelmed. The Roof and real world examples are great and the prospecting tools were super helpful, which introduced new ideas and methods to my team. It has reframed how I approach prospecting, by expanding the kinds of prospects I was looking at but also hone in on the ones that were most suited to us.® is fun, insightful and educational”

Emma Farrant, Philanthropy & Corporate Partnerships, CARE Australia
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