Wanting a corporate partner is one thing, but are you truly ready to pursue a corporate partnerships strategy and more importantly, achieve success?

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"The Readiness Q&A was such a valuable tool for my team - it helped us identify both strengths & weaknesses giving us a better understanding of our organisation from a Corporate perspective" 

~ Emily Hickman, Associate Director of Philanthropy, Caritas
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The main reason non-profits and social enterprises fail at corporate partnerships?  They leap before they’re ready.

This can lead to frustration, failure, burned bridges, shattered dreams and burnout.

In just 10 minutes, discover whether your organisation is ready to embark on a corporate partnerships strategy.  

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Your score (Red, Amber or Green) will immediately reveal where you sit.  If you’d like some clarity on the areas of weakness and how to address them, then jump on a confidential, 1:1 call with us to discuss.

We believe so much in the importance of readiness and its direct correlation to success, that if you score Red (not ready) we’ll encourage you to NOT join our program. 

In Hailey’s 29 years of corporate partnering, she’s realised there’s two levels of  readiness. There’s organisational readiness, which our Readiness Q&A will help identify. If your organisation is not ready, no amount of brilliance or board contacts will lead you to success.

Then there’s partner readiness.  The BePartnerReady.com® program gets you partner ready.


The Readiness Q&A is in-depth, so take your time to complete it – honestly.  It’s free but that doesn’t mean it comes with strings or spam.  We’ll offer you the chance to have a call with us, but we won’t hound you.  It’s not our style.

The call can be up to 45 minutes long and will provide you with deep insight into what you need to do to become ready, so you’ll have plenty of solutions to discuss with management and Board.

Why not give the Q&A a go!? It could be really valuable and like many of our students, it could be the start of an exciting journey towards corporate partnerships.

The nitty gritty

  • Designed by co-founder Hailey Cavill-Jaspers from her 29 years of matchmaking over 50 of Australia’s most enduring & successful corporate-cause partnerships
  • Just 10 minutes to answer 40 questions (mostly yes or no questions)
  • Submit, and you’ll get a score out of 100 and a traffic light rating (Red, Amber or Green)
  • Then, you’re welcome to register for a call with Hailey & Georgia to understand your score, and the areas you need to work on (most often it can be fixed, sometimes not)
  • Invest just 10 minutes of your life and you’ll get absolute clarity about whether a corporate partnerships strategy is right for your organisation, right now


As this isn’t a ‘stop, save & come back’ type of survey, view and/or download the questions here, so you'll have your answers at your fingertips before commencing.


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