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The fine print

At® we’re passionate about helping you Be More, so that you can Do More of what you do best. In these times of uncertainty, we want you to be absolutely confident about committing your time & resources to this program.

Because we stand by our process, we have three free offerings to help you make a confident decision.  Whether that be ‘Yes I’m joining you!’ or not, we want you to be sure.  After all, sitting on the fence isn’t very comfortable.

1) Free Readiness Q&A

Our Readiness Q&A helps you (and us) determine whether you’re ‘organisationally ready’ to commence the implementation of a corporate partnerships’ strategy like®.   

  • If you scored 'Red', you won’t be able to participate this year. Jump on one of our free calls to gain some insights on why, and what you’ll need to transform to become organisationally ready
  • If you scored ‘Amber’ we’d recommend jumping on one of our free calls to discuss whether the elements that gave you this score will impede your success. You are able to join the program this year, however the BeHappy Guarantee will not apply
  • If you scored 'Green', you are welcome to register once the program opens, as well as jump on one of our free calls to have your questions answered. The BeHappy Guarantee is offered to all Greenies

We offer free calls during the enrolment months (March, April & May) to anyone scoring Red or Amber to shed some light on what your blockers to readiness are. Sometimes it’s simply a case of timing, often it’s about internal resourcing. Usually these blockers can be removed or transformed over time, occasionally we recommend that pursuing corporate partners is just not right for your organisation. 

If you are interested in joining us this year, you’ll need to do the Readiness Q&A.  

2) Free Trial

If you’re a little nervous about doing an online course (don’t be ashamed to admit it, technology challenges all of us at some time or another!) we provide the opportunity to trial one of the important preparatory steps during the enrolment months of March, April & May. The ‘Drafting your Intention’ exercise takes about 1-2 hours to conduct and it will get you really clear on why you want a corporate partner and enable you to align that ‘why’ to your organisation’s Vision & Mission.  This way you can actually experience how easy & friendly the online training is and put to bed any fears that you’ll get lost, locked out or find it boring!

If you’re new to online learning, or perhaps your Board are a little more traditional, this will provide the reassurance you need. This program is not an online program that was hastily put together in response to COVID. It was built in 2018 based on a process that's been producing outstanding results since 2006. It’s now in its 3rdyear and students from years 1 & 2 have secured partners. You’ll discover it’s far more sophisticated than anything you’ve seen before!

Why not give it a go? 

3) BeHappy 100% Money Back Guarantee

Last but not least, when you decide to join us, we offer a BeHappy 100% Money Back Guarantee to all students that scored Green in the Readiness Q&A. 

If you’re not happy, we’re not.  We require you to do the work as instructed, using our Templates and Guides, implement the learnings and embed the insights & processes into your organisation. Upon completion, like all our past students over the past decade, you should be able to stand tall and say something like; ‘I’m really happy….this program has way exceeded what I thought I’d get” or ‘I’m definitely in a great position now to secure a partner and I’m using the tools for more than just partnership”. This means you’re happy.

Many of our prior students have done the work to a high standard, pitched to prospects at the right time, and secured multiple partners.  Some haven’t secured partners, and there’s a multitude of reasons for that, including: lack of & understanding or support from the Board; not actually pitching to any corporates (that one always boggles us!); the student leaves before completing the program or before the optimum pitch period; the student pitches at the wrong time; the student gets distracted with other work/priorities and doesn’t do the work…and so forth.   Yes, life happens!

This Guarantee gives you reassurance that we’ll deliver precisely what our website says we’ll deliver.  What we can’t guarantee are things out of our control, such as your organisation’s commitment to stick with the program, a plague of locusts, or other such things that a year ago we’d have thought ridiculous.

Our guarantee complies with the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) guidelines and we stand by it.  There’s no room in our world for marketing gimmicks.

The BeHappy Money Back Guarantee is for those students who believe the program has not provided any value having completed the program. It does NOT apply to people who:

  • Leave their organisation prior to completing the program and fail to inform us (if for whatever reason you do intend to leave, inform us immediately and your place in the program can be transferred to a colleague – this transfer can happen only once)
  • Choose not to do the work, or only do bits of it
  • Do the work but do not follow our instructions contained within the Guides, Modules & Templates
  • Do the work but do not pitch to any corporates at the right time
  • Change their mind after enrolling
  • Do not complete the Readiness Q&A Evaluation prior to enrolling
  • Complete the Readiness Q&A and receive an Amber score, but register anyway
  • Complete the Readiness Q&A with incomplete or incorrect information to skew the result, but register anyway
  • Are not signed-up students of the program – ie someone else who has not entered into an agreement with us, isn’t happy
  • Apply for the BeHappy guarantee after your enrolment has expired (1 year from date of registration/purchase)


Our promise to you (our students):

  • You can access the online program for up to 1 year from the date of registration/purchase and the Guarantee remains in place until this time
  • If for some reason you intend to leave their organisation prior to completing the program, inform us immediately and your place in the program can be transferred to a colleague – this transfer can happen only once)
  • We’re a small team, and this online program doesn’t include any 1:1 consultancy, but if you have a question or conundrum that hasn’t been answered in our FAQs, jump on one of our monthly chats or, if it’s sensitive or confidential, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner
  • You will get everything that we have detailed in our program outline, as well as lots of bonus guides & goodies
  • The program has been written from real world experience over 20+ years of frontline partnering – and there are no short-cuts.  We know what works in the real world and we don’t support short-cuts or an  ‘it’ll do’ attitude.  We practice a tough yet compassionate style of coaching   
  • There will be absolute transparency in our dealings with you
  • We can connect you to other students in your location for moral support if you request – other than this your personal information and privacy is protected


Your promise to us

  • To give this program your 100% focus and commitment when doing the work (we know you have other things on your plate, but don’t short change yourself by not giving this your best thinking)
  • Involve your organisation as you go through the program to ensure that it’s being implemented – after all when you are ready to pitch you are pitching YOUR ORGANISATION and you need to feel confident that the CEO & Board have approved what you are offering
  • To stay positive and contribute generously to the® community of students
  • To understand & accept that you’ve purchased an online program containing substantial & valuable intellectual property and you’ll respect this IP by complying with the agreement you signed upon registration (which states that you cannot share your login or® materials with a third party & cannot use any part of the program for consulting or training now or in the future)
  • To accept that the program has been priced at the absolute lowest so that it can be made available to as many organisations as possible, and so that we can deliver a quality, professional program. Whilst we offer monthly Live Group Chats, the program does not include 1:1 consulting.  You’ll need to be self-motivated and resourceful. Additional support can be provided and can be purchased through the shop
  • If at any point during the 9 month program you’re not happy about something, let us know, don’t bottle it up!
  • If at the conclusion of the program - you’re still not happy and wish to apply for the BeHappy 100% money back guarantee, contact us.  We’ll ask you to submit proof that you did all the coursework in accordance with our Guides & Templates and the reason for your request/dissatisfaction
  • To be clear, if you do not include your completed Modules within 12 months of enrolment, the guarantee will expire along with your access to the program

We know from experience that by doing this program you will Be so much More than you are now.

We look forward to watching you Do more of what you Do best - change the world. 

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