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A much publicised and powerful partnership that got it right on so many levels, is Nestle’s KitKat and the R U OK? campaign. The alignment between a chocolate bar that is synonymous with ‘taking a break’ and a mental health organisation that encourages the question ‘R U OK?’ was a clever and very timely partnership, emerging at just the right time when the pandemic restrictions were causing severe havoc with many people’s mental health.

The campaign encouraged people to “have a chit chat,” with a positive impact.  Limited edition KitKat wrappers carried the RU OK? labelling, reminding Aussies to have a break and use the time to ask their friends and family “are you OK?”

Nestlé head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan said: “As a brand, KitKat is synonymous with taking a break, whether it’s at work or at home, long or short, it’s important to take some time out. How that time is spent is also important, which is why we’re proud to partner with R U OK? and encourage people to use this time to have a meaningful chit-chat that could make a difference.

R U OK? is an amazing non-profit founded in Australia in 2009 by Gavin Larkin, after his father’s suicide left his family and friends in deep grief and with endless questions.  He chose to champion one important question to honour his father and protect other families from the same pain.  R U OK? was born.  R U OK? is singularly focused on suicide prevention by encouraging people to engage in meaningful conversation with friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.   Australian Story covered this incredible man’s journey in 2011 and again in 2017 to check in how his family were doing, after Gavin lost his life to cancer. Watch the story here

Whilst many companies are getting this very wrong, what made this one so right?

The natural synergy between the two brands gives it immediate authenticity, which is so critical in getting consumer engagement. The extensive, consistent, and spot-on messaging on social media by both the KitKat and R U OK? teams, the relevance to consumer sentiment, plus there was no crass product pushing; it was all about the societal message.

On so many levels, this is a brilliant example of how a company can engage in important conversations, help to solve social problems whilst at the same time elevate their brand with a values-driven point of difference.

More about the partnership can be found here 

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