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I know that Aussies & Kiwis squabble over ‘ownership’ of Crowded House, but there’s no disputing that Neil Finn is a certified rock legend.  The New Zealander is a multi-talented musician, prolific writer of timeless, memorable songs, and was awarded an OBE.

He didn’t just BECOME a rock legend.  It took years of hard work, practice and honing of his craft.  At age 12, encouraged by his piano-playing mum, he declared himself a musician. Performing at family functions, folk clubs and prisons, he performed self-penned songs. His first band, After Hours, failed. He then joined Split Enz, earning critical acclaim.  International stardom with Crowded House took another decade of relentless writing, recording and touring.

Success rarely happens in any field without hard work and preparation.  And yet, when it comes to winning corporate partnerships, I witness some non-profit boards set unrealistic targets, fail to provide training or a roadmap to follow, sending out ill-prepared fundraisers to negotiate with corporates at the wrong time of year. 

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”

This quote from Zig Ziglar is so relevant today.  There is significant opportunity at present to win corporate partners; the conscious consumer movement has reached its peak[1], pressuring corporates & brands to embrace CSR & Social Good.  Yet in an economic downturn, and rapidly changing world, corporates & brands are not going to just hand over money because it feels good, they want mutual benefit. They want to partner with progressive, impactful non-profits that provide inspiring stories, true impact and something of value.

Rigorous preparation is essential, if you want success in securing high value, mutual benefit corporate partners & sponsors. Failing to secure a partner after months of hard work is one thing. Securing the wrong partner can result in over-servicing, staff burn-out or damaged reputation.

Perhaps you’re not getting results with your current strategy? Or you’re overwhelmed, with no idea where to start.  Fear not, I got you! I’ve been building partnerships for corporate clients for 20-plus years in Australia and I know what they want. I’ve developed numerous training programs for non-profits & social enterprises and the latest incarnation -® - is a fusion of all my experience, tools and proven techniques honed over many years.

If you’re in New Zealand, I hope you’ll be attending the FINZ Annual Conference. I’m thrilled to be speaking (albeit online, thanks to COVID-19).  My session will guide guests through the critical ‘organisational readiness’ factors that separate success from failure; how to get ‘partner ready’ with a proven 7-step process; and discover the reasons (with stats to prove it) why corporates & brands want – and need – to partner with changemakers like you. Find out more here

We live in a world of constant change and adaptation.  Life can be a lot easier if you have a large, well resourced corporate partner in your corner.  Transformation IS possible – indeed anything can happen!                         


Hailey Cavill-Jaspers


[1] Conscious Consumer Report 2020 (free to download here)



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