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Back in 2019, Hailey was burned out from running a small business for 24 years. Her husband Tyrone – and rock of 19 years – was concerned. The vibrant, funny woman he’d met all those years ago was depressed, despite having built over 50 partnerships investing over $40 million into charities, she felt like a failure.  One day, his wife came back from the shops with a glint in her eye.  It wasn’t a purchase that had done it, she’d met a young lass named Georgia. Hailey felt it was a serendipitous meeting.  It was. Georgia had the skills Hailey lacked (online technology, social media, filmmaking, editing to name a few) and the energy and enthusiasm only a 23 year old has. 

After one meeting it was clear the two women were going to create magic together.  Georgia insisted on getting Hailey’s training for non-profits into an online format so that it was not lost forever.  But skills and enthusiasm were not enough, money was required to set up a new business (trademark, logo design, registration platform, website build, marketing. etc etc.).

Tyrone is an artisan builder and sculptor. He loves tinkering in his workshop, turning discarded pieces of metal into beautiful sculptures.  He transforms people’s homes by creating bespoke spaces like stone fireplaces, gazebos, and kitchens.  Since he fell through the roof in 2017 and damaged his back, he doesn’t work crazy hours and therefore he’s not ‘raking it in’ like many other builders.  He also cares for his 90 year old dad. 

Still, he managed to invest what cash he had into the fledging business that Hailey & Georgia set up.  He also paid the mortgage and bills whilst Hailey was head down, bum up for the first year of lockdown.  He also made sure there was always yummy food in the fridge for when the ravenous girls came up for air, because he’s also an incredible chef.  What a legend!

When he’s not renovating or sculpting, he loves nothing more than to stalk fish in one of the many rivers of Australia.  Like all good fly fisherman, he releases the fish back to the river – unless it’s an invasive pest like carp, in which case he bops them (humanely) on the head and helps them ‘go to god’.

His most prized possession is his Hobie Kayak.  He loves coffee, craft beer, critical thinking, and science.  He dislikes conspiracy theories, shit coffee, cushions, and plastic ‘shit’.® would not exist without people like Tyrone, who believed in Hailey & Georgia and showed up in a very tangible way.  We’re thrilled that you’ve now met him.

Whether you're problem solving, building a house or business, or running a charity – many brains are better than one.  The team behind® are a great demonstration that when you find the right partners, anything is possible.

Corporate partners help non-profits & social enterprises Do More of what they Do best – change the world.  At® we help changemakers win corporate partners.

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