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In entertainment, the power of a well-timed punchline relies on great timing - and the preparation leading up to it.

In business, it means predicting an opportunity created by external change. Such as a crisis which creates new customer needs (Amazon, Netflix & Zoom to name a few) or an innovation such as the internet which spawned online businesses like ETSY, enabling struggling artists to access a global market.

Entrepreneurs and all large companies have people working around-the-clock on surviving the current crisis, as well as predicting and preparing for the opportunities that will eventuate.

How is the non-profit sector preparing? Are you ready to put your dancing shoes on?

A brilliant dancing coach teaches you perfect timing – and I’m experienced in dancing with corporates. Up until December 2019, there were two aspects to readiness – Organisational Readiness and Partner Readiness. More on the third later.

  1. Organisational Readiness

Over the last 2 decades we’ve worked with over 1,000 non-profits, and during this time we’ve identified some key success factors for preparing to partner with corporates and business. They include having:

  • a distinct and ratified brand This doesn’t mean you have to be a well-known brand, but an organised brand
  • a dedicated person to pursue corporate partnerships (an employee not a consultant) that is skilled in prospecting and presenting
  • a clear, robust offering and a clear intention of what kind of partners you want
  • an understanding of corporate language, structure and different models of engagement
  • an attitude of abundance and can-do, with a long-term vision
  • an appealing cause that’s prominent in the hearts and minds of consumers
  • an understanding that there’s an optimum time to approach and that securing a partner takes time

Many non-profits that we’ve seen fail in corporate partnerships and sponsorships fail because of timing. You must be in front of corporate prospects when they are planning, not when your Board tells you to, or you’ve lost a sponsor. Once their budget has been locked down, there’s only crumbs left.

If I had a dollar for every non-profit that’s begged me to find them a partner at the wrong time of year…I’d be on my yacht right now. Instead, because I have integrity, I decline, because I know I’ll fail. I’m good, but I can’t change the way the corporate sector has operated for decades!

Are you Organisationally Ready? Do our free Readiness Q&A today . Then, During April, May and June you can jump on free a call with us to discuss your result.

  1. Partner Readiness

The BePartnerReady.com® online program gets you Partner Ready by January 31, because February-March is the optimum time to pitch to corporates in Australia.

If you would like to understand our 7-step process, go here and download the FREE BePartnerReady.com® process infographic

And the third aspect of readiness?

That’s a tough one because it’s still unfolding. What will the corporate landscape look like in 2021? Our business survived the last economic downturn, and corporates increased their partnering, but this is unprecedented.

One thing we do know, is that companies who survive this will be doing their utmost to win customers and they’ll need feel-good stories like never before. We predict it will be an incredible time for corporate partnerships, and we’ll be here to teach you the new dance steps as they emerge.

If you’d like to know more about dancing with corporates, read Hailey’s article in F&P magazine May/June 2020 issue here

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