And just like that – Autumn is upon us.  It’s my favourite season.  Harvest festivals, a crisp orange carpet on my driveway, cooler temperatures, shorter days, cosy nights in front of the fire sipping a Pinot.

As the leaves start to change colour and fall, nature is showing us the beauty of letting go, and the opportunity to embrace the new.  Letting go of old patterns that may not work for us anymore, and embrace new habits that serve our goals and purpose.

Letting go

Autumn is a brilliant time to reflect on strategies and processes that you’ve followed in the past, and assess if they’re going to work for you, moving forward.  The world is not what it was 2 years ago.  Consumers have clarity on what’s important to them.  Companies and brands have been in constant pivot mode, in order to survive and stay ahead of customer’s changing needs.  Many non-profits have taken risks that have paid off, for others it’s been a catastrophic few years.

Are you satisfied with your non-profit’s ability to serve its community?  Would you like more resources so that you can do more of what you do, and do it better?

Would having a genuine corporate partner in your corner make a significant difference?  When I say genuine I mean one that provides essential resources including financial, are aligned in vision and values, are committed and listen.  A corporate partner that you treasure not tolerate.

If you’re thinking that maybe it’s time to let go of what isn’t working, and embrace a corporate partnerships strategy that DOES work, and HAS worked (for numerous changemakers, small and large) perhaps it’s time to check out our BePartnerReady.com® program, which is now open for registration until 17 May.  The first step would be to have a crack at the Readiness Q&A, which will help you determine where your organisation sits on the readiness scale.

Getting busy

In Autumn, animals are busily preparing for winter by storing food and creating cozy hibernation spaces.  It’s also human nature to retreat indoors at this time of year, but haven’t we had enough of that already!?  After two long and challenging years, full of lockdowns and curfews, renovation and sourdough, I’m excited to get out and about and do some hugging. 

Fortunately, we can do both!  We can embrace the industrious squirrel mindset, by making plans and preparing for a future that WE say how it goes.  After two years of jumping every time Covid says jump, it’s time to grab this year with both hands and start kicking goals!

If you’d like to see corporate partners in your future, then now really is the best time to prepare.  Winning corporate partners does require preparation, hard work and a whole-of-organisation approach, and commitment.  Too many non-profit boards set unrealistic targets, fail to provide adequate training for their people, or a proven roadmap to follow, which results in failure and a de-motivated team.

If you’re up for letting go of old stuff that doesn’t work, and ready to get busy laying the groundwork for future success, I’m right there with you!  Pinot in hand!

Cheers to that, 🍷

Hailey Cavill-Jaspers


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