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It’s no understatement to say that everything’s changed. For many changemakers, May is going to be tough. If I’ve learned one thing from working with Hailey on®, it’s this: when the world is spinning out of control, you just have to keep going. When I’m handed lemons, I make Vodka Sours.

No matter how the world evolves in the coming months, companies will reinvent themselves and become keen to partner with non-profits. If anything, they need the halo effect that a cause partner brings, now more than ever.

There are many more benefits to a corporate partnership than just income, and if your organisation views a corporate partner as simply a line item in the budget, then a great opportunity is squandered. Corporates can enhance so many facets of your organisation, including increasing your organisation’s awareness of its brand, impact and overall credibility in the eyes of the corporate sector.


  • Brand Awareness: When a corporate partner promotes your organisation to the mass market e.g. through its social campaigns, advertising or products (as in a CRM[1]) it’ll reach millions of consumers, who may convert to donors. Australians could be getting donor fatigue, especially after so generously giving to bushfire appeals. So it’s vital that you broaden your reach and recruit as many new donors as possible.


  • Impact: Corporates & brands will need to put out emotive stories that inspire and give hope. Feed your partners with your amazing impact stories and ensure they use them to full effect. This will drive even more donors your way, as well as increase your reach on social media channels.


  • Credibility: Alignment with a quality corporate or brand enhances your organisation’s credence in the eyes of other corporates. Others will see what a great partner you are. It’s amazing what doors open when you’re visible.


Take, for example, School Fun Run, an award-winning program that helps schools to raise funds through fun events, rather than selling chocolate.  It’s impact is huge across so many areas – including reducing obesity, making exercise fun, connecting kids to the outdoors and their community and raising vital funds for school equipment.  Brendan Hopp, CEO, secured a new sponsor for the program in 2019 after completing the™ program. In addition to a significant cash injection, they are giving School Fun Run in-store & TV exposure for the first time in the program’s 30 year history. Not only will this expose the program to more parents, more kids and more school-teachers, but corporate executives will also see it.  Watch Brendan’s story here

In tough times, most companies don’t abandon marketing. Whilst many non-profits consider investment in marketing a luxury, for most companies, a reinvestment of 10% on previous year’s sales isn’t uncommon. As budgets tighten, they may think twice about launching an expensive TV campaign, but they will look for creative and cost-effective ways of differentiating their brand, retaining customers and winning new ones.

Besides co-founding® with Hailey, I also manage communications for a global non-profit. Therefore, I know there’s real reticence to spend hard-earned donor dollars on marketing or advertising. I’ve had to get creative and find new ways to improve our brand awareness that doesn’t involve spending big dollars.  I’m sure I’m not alone here, but piggy-backing on a corporate partner’s mass marketing is essential, not just a ‘nice to have’.

Even better, you can say with hand on heart that you’re not ‘wasting’ donor’s money on marketing. When a company & a cause partner up and communicate their partnership, it’s a win-win for everyone. This doesn’t mean there isn’t risk, but if you’re genuinely partner ready, you’ll go into the partnership with eyes wide open, as an equal, and your brand will be elevated and amplified.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a corporate partnership, download our free infographic here

Georgia McIntosh

[1] Cause Related Marketing campaign


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