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Sally & Hailey at Harry Styles, February 2023

When Hailey met Georgia in 2019 she’d been running her modular training program for 22 years. The popular program, HeartSmart®, was delivered via Masterclasses and later as a physical toolkit.

Georgia and Hailey’s vision for the program was to take it online, and thankfully Georgia had all the skills needed to make that a reality. However, Hailey knew that there was one critical element to the program that had to be resolved before they could move forward.

That one thing? Finding a way to enable non-profits to place a dollar value on their assets, that didn’t involve outsourcing to a media expert.

“We need to find someone that has the skill and breadth of experience to create a DIY model , otherwise an online program simply won’t work” said Hailey.  “But I know just the person who could do it for us”.

Enter Sally Phelps, who was Business Director at global media & communications agency, Starcom.  Hailey and Sally met a few years prior via The Growth Project,  where Sally was graduating from the mentoring program as one of the corporate leaders connecting with non-profit leaders.   She was intelligent, digital & media savvy, and had a clear desire to contribute to society through her work.  But she was in a fast-paced, high pressure job, would she have the time?

Hailey met Sally and in the space of a lunchbreak, shared the vision of a digital version of HeartSmart®.  It didn’t take long before Sally was on board, but not just as the creator of the DIY formula for valuing assets, she was so inspired by the idea she also wanted to invest cash. Not only did we have a new skilled investor, but a major obstacle was resolved!

Within a few short months, Sally and Georgia worked on developing the formula that is the backbone of Module 2, The Assets Inventory.  It’s a way for non-profits to place a market dollar value on any asset that could be offered to a corporate partner.  The working title was the “Ph Formula,” reflecting Sally’s surname, and it stuck. The Ph Formula was born!

Sally and partner Jonny

Fast forward four years, Sally is now Head of Media at the iconic ABC.  She moved to Sydney with her partner Jonny in 2021, and is enjoying the new lifestyle, being close to beautiful Eastern beaches.

Sally is a proud Auntie and like Hailey, considers friends as her family. She is just as happy enjoying a quiet night at home with a good wine and British drama (ABC of course), as she is getting dressed up and exploring Sydney’s hotspots. She dreams of one day her and Jonny living out their love of the snow through a stint in a ski town - Japan or maybe even Iceland. She keeps a job alert on just in case!

Last month (February 2023), Sally took Hailey to see Harry Styles in Sydney for her 60th birthday. They adorned watermelon outfits and feather boas and danced and sang at the top of their voices along with thousands of other (mostly teenage!) fans. It was a memorable night, one that Hailey will never forget.

With® now in its 4th year, Sally’s formula has enabled hundreds of changemakers across Australia to place a dollar value on their assets, to gain power in negotiation with corporates.  Numerous non-profits have utilised this to forge multi-million dollar partnerships.

In 2021 Sally also worked with Crave Global, a digital media agency with offices in NZ, to adapt the Ph Formula for the New Zealand market, so that changemakers in Aotearoa can also be empowered.® would absolutely not exist without people like Sally, who believed in Hailey & Georgia and not only created an invaluable game-changing tool, but continues to provide guidance and mentoring to Georgia and students, and a close friend & confidant to Hailey. We’re thrilled that you’ve now met the awesome Sally.

The team behind® are a great demonstration that when you find the right partners, anything is possible.

Corporate partners help non-profits & social enterprises Do More of what they do best – change the world.  At® we help changemakers win corporate partners.

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