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Former BePartnerReady.com® student the Heart Foundation signed up a new partnership with Coles in 2020.  Together, their goal was to support Australians’ aspirations to become healthier and more active. 

Coles launched the Coles Health Hub, a one-stop online portal offering practical information & solutions around exercise, diet & nutrition, mental health and most importantly, motivation. 

This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time, as many Australians struggled to maintain their health goals during 2020/21 with a series of very challenging lockdowns, playing havoc with people’s mental health, ability to exercise and eat well.

Coles brought on board sporting legends, including AFL star player James Podsiadly, to provide inspiring videos and motivational messaging as part of a 28-day crusade where health food products in Coles were reduced by 50%. News Corp helped to amplify the message even further by running a #RejuveNation campaign across print and digital media.

This is a brilliant example of a partnership where two giants, bringing their unique strengths, came together for the betterment of Australians. The Heart Foundation’s recommended heart-healthy eating patterns are based on clinical evidence and inform their extensive library of heart-healthy recipes; Coles has the extensive reach through its media placement and day to day customer interactions, to get the information into the hands of the people who are hungry for practical, no-nonsense information to better their health. Coles also leveraged their relationships with sporting personalities to ensure the campaign achieved maximum exposure and engagement.

It also feels authentic, a natural extension of Coles’ commitment to offering healthier food alternatives to customers. Coles has been working for years to expand the range of nutritious, fresh foods in their supermarkets, eliminating artificial colours and introducing healthier options under their sub-brands 'Nature’s Kitchen’, ‘Wellness Road’ and ‘Certified Organic’. They’ve also had a long history of supporting causes that inspire healthier living including the AFL Healthy Kicks program and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

A partnership with impact and heart, for sure. You can find more information here

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Hailey Cavill-Jaspers


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