Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

At a time when our entire world is forcing us to retract and distance ourselves, as we prepare for an inevitable economic recession, we’re inviting you to Do More and Be More. This might seem a little audacious, but there’s some very good reasons why now is an excellent time to embrace this.

As we reflect on what’s important, I strongly believe that one silver lining to come out of this crisis will be the realisation that we can get by with less. Some will grieve the loss of liberty and our past abundant lifestyle. Others will be grieving the loss of loved ones. As we strip away all the labels and trinkets, appreciate the beauty of nature and the human spirit, we’ll become better versions of ourselves. We will become more of who we really are. Put simply, people will become MORE of their authentic selves.

It’s an extraordinary time, where resources may appear to be scarce, we’re being asked to work in new ways and adapt to a new normal. As the real impact of this crisis begins to unfold, one thing is certain – the pressure on the non-profit sector will be immense. We’ll see increased homelessness, alcohol abuse and an escalation of domestic and social violence. As fear, anger and ‘cabin fever’ sets in, the Australian ‘No Worries’ mantra will be a thing of the past.

And who will Australians turn to when we reach this point? The non-profit sector, of course. Trust in government is at an all-time low, and that’s manifesting as some disappointing behaviour from Australians who flout the rules set by government, thereby giving the virus ample opportunity to spread. By contrast, Singapore, where the government put mandatory temperature testing and social distancing rules in place in January, well before WHO declared a public health emergency, has the most impressive record of containment, spread - and zero deaths. They had two distinct advantages – they were well prepared, and the population followed the rules - because the government is trusted.

The non-profit sector is going to need lots of support and there’s only one sector with the wealth and resources to truly transform your organisation and society – and that’s business and corporate. In the next six months, they’ll be rebuilding, and a multitude of new ones will emerge to meet the needs of a new kind of consumer. Companies are brilliant at regenerating and reinvention. Innovation loves a crisis, and many well-known companies – J&J, Gillette, Uber and Airbnb – emerged from a recession.

In the coming months and years, the corporate and business sector will finally answer the Millennials’ call for them to step up, get engaged, and solve social problems. We’ll see collaboration like never before. They’ll need to Be More - speak up and make a stand for social issues – and Do More. And to Do More they’ll want to partner with progressive, adaptive and impactful non-profits and social enterprises. The big question is, will you be Ready when they are?


Hailey Cavill-Jaspers


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