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Bully Zero is a small charity that punches way above its weight.  They educate and advocate to prevent and reduce bullying across Australia, delivering their programs to schools and workplaces across Australia.  Since it was founded in 2013 by Ali Halkic, Bully Zero has visited 1,214 schools, has run 3,642 education sessions, and educated over 403,000 young people, parents and employees on bullying prevention.

CEO Janet Grima applied for the Marlin Communications/® scholarship in 2021 and was victorious.  Despite being a hands-on CEO, Janet dedicated a day a week to implementing the 7 steps of the program and before she had completed the program, was approached by a corporate.

Janet being Janet; took the bull by the horns and pitched and won the partner, adding to her existing partner – socially conscious clothing label Kind is Cool.  She is also negotiating with yet another partner, soon to come on board.

For Janet, doing the® program has enabled her organisation to plan for, and embrace, corporate partnerships that will give further reach to their mission and vision. What’s more, the entire organisation including the Board of Directors are now clear about how corporate partnerships can help their organisation access skills, funding, resources, and people to extend their reach and most importantly, their impact. The goal is to now sustain these relationships over time, giving Bully Zero the ability to explore new strategies for increased awareness and income growth.

Corporate Partnerships is a new income stream for Bully Zero.  However, as an organisation with an urgent and important message, the expanded coverage of that message through corporate partners is as good as – if not better than – cash.

In addition to upskilling Janet and her team, the program embedded a corporate partnerships strategy that will steer the organisation for years to come, increasing her confidence tenfold. To date it has produced two partnerships with additional partnership discussions in motion.

The newly recruited corporate partners have made a significant and upfront investment to demonstrate their commitment to driving collaborative social change.  The investment is enabling Bully Zero to deliver even more lifesaving bullying prevention workshops in vulnerable communities across Australia.

More about Bully Zero here

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