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Although the road ahead is going to be challenging, we all know that it’s vital that changemakers adopt an abundance mindset if they intend to pursue corporate partnerships. I’ve always thought it very strange that the For-Purpose sector defines itself by what it’s NOT – it’s why I prefer to use terms like ‘For Purpose’ and ‘Changemakers’ because Not For Profit just sounds so, well, demeaning.

Successful corporates and brands have a positive, can-do attitude, and innovation inevitably flows. A Collaboration, Big Picture Thinking, Risk Embracing approach is in their DNA. This is often called Abundance Thinking or the Abundance Mindset.

There’s a whole world of psychology behind this, and it’s fascinating. The opposite of Abundance Thinking is Scarcity Thinking. Bushfires, Corona and looming recession aside, what is typically your organisation’s culture and default thinking – is it Abundance or Scarcity?

Scarcity thinking creates a fear-based culture, prompting organisations to make hasty decisions, shrink deadlines and demand the impossible. Scarcity thinkers fear change, avoid risk and think small. Abundant thinking, on the other hand, is a mindset that focuses on what we have, allowing us to see possibility rather than limits, allowing teams to function at a high level.

To pursue and secure corporate partnerships you must have an optimistic outlook and become a creative problem solver. Otherwise there will an immediate disconnect the minute you walk in the room (and you WILL get into that room!).

Working with corporates for over 30 years has instilled in me an abundance mindset. I believe very strongly in the power of manifestation. Not in a fanciful “woo-woo” way, but I know that our thoughts have immense power. As Frank Outlaw once said:

“Watch your thoughts; for they become words. Watch your words; for they become action. Watch your actions; for they become habits. Watch your habits; for they become character. Watch your character, for it will become your destiny.”

I’ve always believed there was a big world out there, full of people with resources who are willing to share. I wasn’t brought up to believe this; I had to learn it and practice it. Developing the BePartnerReady.com® program is a perfect case in point. I knew the process had to go online, but for over a decade I procrastinated because my evil scarcity twin (yep, she still pops up!) kept telling me I wasn’t smart enough, didn’t have enough time or money. But as soon as I shifted my thinking from scarcity to abundance, started speaking about it, the right people showed up offering money and support, and voila, a year later here we are!

It really is possible to speak your dreams into existence if you’re brave enough to articulate them. Abundance thinking and optimism, combined with a robust, tried and tested process like BePartnerReady. com® will give you the best chance of success in winning corporate partners. There’s a plethora of companies thriving right now, and there’ll be lots of new ones coming out of the recession, serving new customer needs in new ways. There are individuals within companies that genuinely want to help solve social problems and you’ll radically enhance their lives through a partnership.

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Hailey Cavill-Jaspers


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