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To say the pandemic changed many things is an understatement. The way we work, socialise, the way we shop, and for many things, there’s no going back to ‘normal’. 

Given that going out to shop was a risk to our health (especially if buying toilet rolls!) have you changed the way you purchase products?  Even a former staunch anti-online purchaser like Hailey has embraced the e-commerce world and found it to be, for the most part, an efficient and reliable way to shop.

Whether shopping F2F or online it’s good to have a credit card that gives back every time you purchase. It eases the guilt of consumerism a little doesn’t it?

A brilliant example of an Australian credit card that does just that, is the Pink card from ME Bank. The pink everyday transaction account card contributes 1c to the cause of breast cancer research, every time it’s used.

The campaign theme is ‘Buck it Forward’ where cardholders are invited to turn every transaction into action with ME’s Pink Buck card. To date, the card has generated over $1.3M for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and it’s ME’s most popular debit card.

The money generated goes towards identifying and championing world-class research that will help detect tumours earlier, improve treatment outcomes, and ultimately save lives.

A promising new blood test known as ‘liquid biopsy’ is being developed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation's tireless researchers. The test works to detect traces of breast cancer DNA in the blood, so that doctors will be able to treat it as early as possible, increasing the likelihood of treatment response.
This could also be a more comfortable and simpler replacement for existing tests, including mammograms, as well as allowing largely non-invasive monitoring of treatments, improving outcomes for women.

The Cause-Related campaign is an extension of ME’s 17-year relationship with the National Breast Cancer Foundation which also encourages staff to participate in – and fundraise for – the Mother’s Day Classic. This shows that they have been committed to the cause for a very long time, demonstrating to customers that this is a genuine partnership, and not a case of ‘bandwagoning’ onto a popular cause.

What makes this partnership exceptional is ME Bank’s unconventional (for a bank) communications. Their catchy writing and tone are refreshingly down to earth, such as ‘Give purpose to every purchase’ and ‘Buck it forward’. As a customer of ME Bank, Hailey actually looks forward to receiving communications from them! 

Prior research has shown that consumers resonate with, and are motivated by, causes and outcomes - not dollars. Yet too many Cause-Related campaigns focus on the dollar contribution, not the difference made. ME’s approach makes the customer the hero and reveals where the money goes by highlighting real scientists, real projects and real outcomes (written in digestible plain English that’s also uplifting). That’s great CSR comms, right there.  

For more information about the Pink card from ME bank go here


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